By Paz Kahanov, Researcher at Beewise

Although considered to be the main product of bees, Honey isn’t as valuable for beekeepers as pollination services from an economic aspect, but that being said, honeybees must be acknowledged for their honey production and its contribution to the planet. So, how do they do it?

It all starts with the flowers. Flowers need insects to carry their pollen, and flowers have the ability to “advertise” themselves and attract inspects by wearing nice colors and dispersing a strong nectar smell. Essentially, they are selling nectar in exchange for pollination services.

Bees collect and carry…

A Guest Blog Post by our own Rachel Sofaer

Pollinators are possibly the most important factor to our food production system. They allow humans to grow and consume a variety of foods. Within this group of pollinators, bees contribute to approximately 1/3 of every bite of food we eat. They do this bay transferring pollen between crops, as they forage for their own food.

This symbiotic relationship provides some of our most popular foods, such as blueberries, avocado, coffee, and almonds. In fact, more than 80 percent of the world’s flowering plants need a pollinator in order to reproduce.


Being a data-driven air-breather, I always like to go to my safe place: numbers. I think this year more than others, the numbers can tell the paradoxical, chaotic, crazy, horrific, and wonderful year we had at Beewise.

Startup number 6 for me…you’d think I’ve seen it all. But if I had to summarize 2020 in one word, it would be: humbling. Here’s to a crazier 2021.

Stay healthy,

So this just came hot off the virtual press: Beewise is now an official H2020 company (we just got our grant agreement counter-signed by the EU). Being a numbers guy, I’ll try and paint a balanced and accurate picture.

The Good

The H2020 EIC grant is…grand. It is non-dilutive capital that is injected right at the core of our vision: a widespread pilot program in the EU with commercial beekeepers that will help us further save bees, and validate our value proposition at the same time.

The Bad

It took us a whole lot of work, condensed into a short 5-months period, to convince…

Author: Gila Orkin, our Guest Blogger

At the Oscars last week, Honeyland made history by being the first film to be nominated for both the documentary and the international feature-length categories. While it didn’t go on to win either award, this immersive film has resonated with audiences around the world with its portrait of a traditional beekeeper in the remote countryside of North Macedonia.

A bee colony high on rocks

Honeyland opens with a breathtaking scene in which we follow Hatidze Muratova, a woman in her fifties, as she climbs the craggy mountain and walks along a precariously narrow ledge. She reaches a spot that she…

Strategic tools

We all use tools to do our day to day job. I use the Medium platform to post this post, and you’re using a device to read it. Tools are invented, morphed, and constantly optimized to make a given task more convenient, efficient and cost-effective. Tools are contextual, obviously; every industry, category and task has dedicated tools that have been perfected over time for the combination of the task and the user. …

We all remember our…graduations. We just had another one: MassChallenge. For those of you who are not familiar, MassChallenge is between an accelerator and an incubator. They take you on a discovery journey to help you discover….you. The format of the program is competitive, so there are winners at the end, who do get to pick up a monetary prize. And the best part is: it is non-dilutive. You see, MC are a non-profit organization. This makes them a perfect partner for companies that wish to get the accelerator’ benefits without coughing up the equity. Especially when the program is…

Impact is…tricky

Being an impact company is no easy task nowadays. As the saying goes about what the road to hell is paved with, an impact firm has to be very clear and intentional about what kind of impact it is making on our pale blue dot.

By way of example, our firm Beewise, offers a service that allows bees to live, thrive and pollinate successfully. That is our mission and everything we do revolves around executing towards this mission. Our success is irrevocably and directly correlated with bees’ survival, and the better they do, the better we do. This…

When it comes to honeybees, everybody has an opinion (if not two). Everybody thinks differently. Everybody has a perspective. But the one common thing that we all agree on, is that honeybees are in trouble. Serious trouble. And they’re not going down alone; they’re taking us with them Samson-style.

There is a long, invisible, thin (but sturdy) thread that connects the honeybees and us. Connects our present; connects our future; and connects our fate. You see a lot of what we consume today is dependent on honeybees. Some pin that number at 30% of all global consumption, others argue it’s…

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