So this just came hot off the virtual press: Beewise is now an official H2020 company (we just got our grant agreement counter-signed by the EU). Being a numbers guy, I’ll try and paint a balanced and accurate picture.

The Good

The H2020 EIC grant is…grand. It is non-dilutive capital that is injected right at the core of our vision: a widespread pilot program in the EU with commercial beekeepers that will help us further save bees, and validate our value proposition at the same time.

The Bad

It took us a whole lot of work, condensed into a short 5-months period, to convince the EU that our cause, vision, and mission are worthy to be part of the H2020 program.

It was a high hill to climb; a mountain. But like any good mountain hike, the steeper and higher it is, the better the view from the top. Still, many mistakes along the way, many lessons learned, and most of all, stronger neural nets have been established. We knew what we were going into, not how we’ll come out the other side. Luckily, we came out unscathed, and a lot wiser.

The Ugly

For bees living in the 21st century, it’s the perfect storm. Between pesticides, diseases, pests, climate change, and more, bees are experiencing their version of a pandemic that has been raging for over 30 years. Over 80% of the bees in the world are grown and managed in 150-year-old-wooden-boxes (what is referred to as beehives), and their survival rate is an astounding 60% (which effectively means a 40% bee colony collapse, every year!!).

But, we’re turning the tables, by introducing the digital-era’s most effective weapon: the platform. One that has (solar) power, connectivity, precision robotics, and a whole lot of AI. Our version of the beehive, the Beehome, allows us to *bee* wise and help the bees survive, thrive, and defeat their pandemic.

It’s going to get real ugly, real soon….for Varroa, Murder Hornets, Pesticides and any other harmful entity or substance that will stand in bees’ way.

Thank you H2020 for accepting us into this lucrative program and giving us the war chest to win; now it is our turn to walk the walk.

To Bee or Not To Be